Terraform Deployment
Metaflow ships with a Terraform template that automates the deployment of all the AWS resources needed to enable cloud-scaling in Metaflow.
The major components of the template are:
  • Amazon S3 - A dedicated private bucket and all appropriate permissions to serve as a centralized storage backend.
  • AWS Batch - A dedicated AWS Batch Compute Environment and Job Queue to extend Metaflow's compute capabilities to the cloud.
  • Amazon CloudWatch - Configuration to store and manage AWS Batch job execution logs.
  • AWS Step Functions - A dedicated role to allow scheduling Metaflow flows on AWS Step Functions.
  • Amazon Event Bridge - A dedicated role to allow time-based triggers for Metaflow flows configures on AWS Step Functions.
  • Amazon DynamoDB - A dedicated Amazon DynamoDB table for tracking certain step executions on AWS Step Functions.
  • Amazon Sagemaker - An Amazon Sagemaker Notebook instance for interfacing with Metaflow flows.
  • AWS Fargate and Amazon Relational Database Service - A Metadata service running on AWS Fargate with a PostGres DB on Amazon Relational Database Service to log flow execution metadata.
  • Amazon API Gateway - A dedicated TLS termination point and an optional point of basic API authentication via key to provide secure, encrypted access to metadata service.
  • Amazon VPC Networking - A VPC with (2) customizable subnets and Internet connectivity.
  • AWS Identity and Access Management - Dedicated roles obeying "principle of least privilege" access to resources such as AWS Batch and Amazon Sagemaker Notebook instances.
  • AWS Lambda - An AWS Lambda function that automates any migrations needed for the Metadata service.
To deploy the template, just follow the instructions listed here.
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